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Overcoming Our Desire to Create Our Own Gods

The Exodus story and Jesus’s words in Matthew’s Gospel give us three insights that to explore. The first is an insight into the nature of God. The second is about us as individuals and the third insight gives us some clues about the importance of community.

This sermon, delivered to Christ the Lord, Pinole, California in 2012 explores what Exodus and Matthew's Gospel is saying to us about God's generosity and our response to that awesome generosity. I continue to be hopeful that these words will help each of us overcome our fears to become truly generous people of faith.

Launching a Major Donor Program

Annual Donors are the life blood of any successful non-profit. Major Donors are the heart, lungs, and muscle of a thriving non-profit. Successful major donor programs require commitment and an honest desire to build strong relationships with your organization's donors. This presentation offers initial steps to launch or reinvigorate your major donor program.

Richard Felton has raised millions of dollars for a variety of non-profit organizations. To learn more about building a transformational major donor program, contact:

Richard W. Felton, President
Matthew Five Sixteen

Moving from Fear to Gratitude to Generosity

In his book 8 Habits of Love, the Rev. Ed Bacon asserts that the opposite of Love is not hate but fear. It is fear that keeps us from loving. It is fear that keeps us from embracing gratitude. It is fear that keeps us from giving generously. This sermon, delivered at Emerson Church in Canoga Park, California encourages the congregation to move from fear to gratitude to generosity.

Steps for a Successful Church Capital Campaign

If your congregation is considering a Capital Campaign, here is a brief outline of steps you might consider as you mover forward. For more information or to set an appointment, call Richard Felton at 626.344.8516.

This outline covers the initial discernment phase along with necessary steps in communications, feasibility study and the solicitation process. It is meant as a tool to help your leadership understand what is necessary for your church to launch a successful capital campaign. Of course, it's only an outline, and Matthew Five Sixteen is ready to fill in the details and assist you in moving forward to transform your ministry.