Results Oriented Strategic Planning

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With over 30 years in marketing and fund raising, Richard Felton knows what it takes to successfully move an organization forward. Matthew Five Sixteen will develop a results oriented plan to help your organization.

  • Strengthen your mission
  • Re-vision your goals and objectives
  • Identify new markets
  • Create key offers to maximize giving opportunities
  • Grow your donor base
  • Maximize giving
  • Strengthen Board and volunteer leadership
  • Engage in multi-level marketing

Create and communicate key messages to targeted audiences and the general public A successful Strategic Plan reviews the past and delineates the future. Matthew Fives Sixteen will work with your organization to create a plan.

  • Reviewing past results and current programs
  • Interviewing Board, staff, and volunteers
  • Analyzing current donor base
  • Researching the competitive marketplace
  • Testing new opportunities
  • Challenging pre-conceived “truths”