Maximizing Major Donor Giving

Through research, training, offer development, strategic planning, and solicitation, Matthew Five Sixteen will help your organization dramatically increase its support from current and potential major donors. We have worked with churches throughout California and national and international non-profits to maximize donor giving. We will work with you to maximize your major donor giving, either for on-going support or a Capital Campaign.

The first step is always to learn how your donor's interests intersect with your mission. Why does she support you? What is your organization doing that is most exciting to him? How can a couple make a real difference in your mission?

Our experience includes personally and successfully soliciting gifts in excess of $1million for Capital Campaigns including building endowments and building new facilities. It also includes developing direct response programs that move donors from giving $500 to giving $25,000. We've written individual proposals for specific endowment gifts as well as designed case statements for capital campaigns.

If you believe you aren't maximizing the giving potential of your donors, contact Rick Felton at