Capital Campaigns

Matthew Five Sixteen will help your organization raise the maximum funds in your next Capital Campaign.  We will help you in three critical areas.


  1. Visioning:  We’ve helped the leadership of many organizations discern their future.  What are their challenges and opportunities?  How can they transform their communities to change lives?  What will be their facility needs and endowment needs to take them to the next step and beyond?
  2. Feasibility Study:  Once the leadership has decided on the vision and financial requirements of that vision, their vision and goals need to be tested in the community and with their donors.  Matthew Five Sixteen will create a Feasibility Study, conduct interviews and deliver the findings and recommendations emanating from those interviews.
  3. Campaign Counsel:  Matthew Five Sixteen will develop campaign marketing material including the case statement; train, empower and manage volunteers and organization leadership; manage special events; be the “on-site” director of the campaign.  We will be with you from the very beginning to the celebratory completion of the campaign and work with you to ensure you meticulously follow-through on all donor expectations.

To get started, call Richard Felton at 626-344-8516.